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The original brand cartridge that is made by the manufacturer of the printer itself. Top quality printing results practically every time. The failure rate on original cartridges is almost non existent. The quality is down to how good your printer is, if you have a cheap printer the quality will be fine, if you have expensive photo printer the results will be photo lab quality.


These are cartridges that are “copies” or “remanufactured” original cartridges. Available in inkjet, laser and ribbons. The quality can vary with different brands. We have, through years of product research, some of the best compatible and generic cartridges on the market. The failure rate of a generic is very low and the compatibles a little higher. The print quality of our brands is excellent, but we do recommend original inkjets for photo quality printing. The reason for this is mainly the longevity of the image. All of our remanufactured lasers have had the drum, doctor blade, wiper blade and seals replaced. 
For day to day printing this is an excellent choice and a money saver.


There are lots of people with horror stories out there regarding refills but there are many more people that swear by it. The truth is most “head on” inkjet cartridges (the cartridge with the print head as part of the cartridge and not the printer) can be refilled, but there are some things that will affect the quality. First of all the cartridge must not have been “dry” for too long also the amount of times the cartridge has been refilled. The quality of the ink is very important but most of all the ability and experience of the technician. We test all of our cartridges that we refill, if they are not good enough then we do not expect you to pay for it.
Refilling mono laser cartridges works extremely well. We have found that refilling colour laser cartridges can be less reliable, so we suggest using high quality generics for colour.

Over all refilling inkjets is the cheapest option, well worth trying if your printing requirements are “normal” day to day printing, but not for the person who wants to print highest quality photo images etc. Just remember that we also guarantee our refills.    

Printers and Peripherals

We can supply all major brand name printers and will gladly advise you on which printer will suit your needs the best. 
We also stock printer cables, paper, photo paper, etc along with CD’s, DVD’s, flash drives and other peripherals.
We offer a printer maintenance and repair service to keep your machines up and running

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